Following a train of thought….

One thought leads to another which leads to four or five….then its all just overwhelming.

Basically, I started off wanting to blog about a lot of things. Of course, one thing leads to another and before you know it you find yourself in some strange places! Rather than back up and start all over I would rather share my view of these “strange places” that I find myself in today.

I want to start off by stating that even though my focus has been on death and dying I am NOT sadistically overwhelmed by the situation. Just last night I joined a local “Philosophy Cafe” group where we will read and discuss a variety of Philosophical texts. I have also applied for membership to an Ethical Humanist organization and I am considering auditing a class or two at a local university.

But first, I have to, as stated as an intro to this blog, have a conversation about WORKING. A conversation between the young man I was when I wrote that short story all those years ago and the old man I am today. From my train of thought that leads to a discussion of my view on LIVING A LEGACY. In turn, discussing “living” and “legacy” in the same post naturally leads to a discussion of how to live your legacy. From that you cannot escape a discussion of VALUES (Eulogy virtues vs resume virtues) which incorporates my original post WORKING, my current thoughts on WORKING, Living a legacy, values, and all of the current talk about “The Great Resignation,” “The Great Regret,” and the current fad among young people, “Ghosting.”

So basically, my scheduled posts are as follows:

  • Rethinking WORKING – Thursday, May 12th
  • Living a Legacy – Saturday, May 14th
  • Community of Man (written in 1980) – Monday, May 16th
  • Rethinking Community of Man – Wednesday, May 18th
  • Do you know your Values? – Friday, May 20th
  • Living a life that matters – Sunday, May 22nd

I will warn my few readers that I will not hold back too many punches in a discussion of values. To say what today passes as intelligence, values, morals, and principles is disgusting. Its like the current battle over abortion rights and political/religious beliefs, of which most people think their ignorance is precious and that is so destructive to individuals, societies, and countries. If you truly follow a conservative and or religious world view then the decision of Potter Stewart, one of the original judges who decided in favor of Roe vs Wade in 1973 should be read and understood. Oh, and leaking a decision of the Supreme Court is not all that shocking because the original Roe vs. Wade decision was also leaked to the press before the decision was announced. Sam Alito is a partisan hack who has embarrassed himself with his lack of intelligence and illogic and its saddens me to think that he is considered a leading conservative scholar.

Now, having said that I will return to our regularly scheduled programming….


  1. Where to start and how to finish. If Alito had his way,, burning witches would be legal. The only apt description for him is a pile of human offal. Working is what you do to get to this point in life with fond memories. Legacy is yours to decide and measure. Values are as well. You can hope to pass them down by you actions and not gaslighting about, “Oh I’m a Christian” or whatnot.


  2. Alito is a stack of human offal that the Sixteenth Century dung cart missed until it petrified. Work is what gave me the means to lead a comfortable life. I did some good and got some in return. Legacy and values are those behaviors you hope to have passed on to others by your actions and not incantations of your Christianity


  3. To my recollection neither you or I have ever given an opinion online as to our views on abortion. Not a bad decision. I enjoy the right wing hypocrisy of decrying activist judges when they have five of the on the Supreme Court though.


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